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Halli & Ryan Engagements

Halli and Ryan found me through wedding wire and when we had our consult call, we instantly clicked! Halli and I talked several times and went through what we could do to make their engagement session more unique. Let's just say, we made magic! I always tell me couples my number one rule is to be yourself, and have fun!! Ryan and Halli did just that! Ryan made Halli laugh constantly, and in turn, it made Ryan laugh just as much! By the end of their engagement session, Ryan told me that it was one of the best times he's ever had taking photos! Cheers to these two!



They popped a little champagne, sat on a blanket in the snow, and enjoyed laughing with each other for a few minutes. We also added in their beautiful dog, Herbie, I think everyone can agree on the fact that he's an incredible dog!



Fancied things up, and had an outfit change! I love having a casual outfit, and something dressed up for two totally different looks!



They have an attachment to Logan Canyon, and I found a location that had a lot of different looks to it, check it out!



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