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Amy + Lee

This was my first pandemic wedding, and it did not disappoint! Amy & Lee are an amazing couple who were not about to let the pandemic slow down their plans for their future! Although there were many precautions that had to be put in place to ensure the safety of everyone, the day ran extremely smooth, and was so beautiful! Perhaps one of my favorite dresses, favorite couples and favorite cakes ever! These were just a few of my favorite images from the day! Check out more of my favorites on their special link!

Amy's Dress was incredibly stunning! The detail in the lace is so intricate and there are pearl and crystal beads through the entire bodice. followed by a stunning full tooling skirt. Every inch of her dress was beautiful, and she looked absolutely gorgeous!

Amy wanted a special moment with her beautiful mother before she walked down the aisle and I loved every minute of their interaction and love. I highly recommend taking a few minutes with your mom!

he Ceremony was beautiful and due to the fact that it was a few short months after Covid swept the nation, they had phones set up to help those who couldn't be there to enjoy the day. I could have easily edited them out of the photos, but I definitely wanted them to still be part of their memories, so I chose to keep them in the photos.

The details of the wedding were incredible too! Amy and Lee had a beautiful color pallet, and their wedding planner helped them put together stunning details for their wedding!

They had the best of the best picked for their bridal party! Amy chose her brother to be her man of honor and her sister her maid of honor. I loved getting to know each of these amazing souls and I am so honored to get to take photos of one of Amy's best friends, in a couple months, for her wedding!

Definitely leave a few minutes for formals on your wedding day. Although we didn't have a lot of time, we were still able to get a few amazing shots of the beautiful scenery at the villa!

I love when my couples plan for toasts during their dinners, not only do I get to learn more about my amazing couples, but it gives me the chance to get other photos of people not eating, because not many people like to be photographed while eating (I'm one of them!)

Last call! They had an awesome live band, big dance floor, and some of the best people surrounding them as they exited their party and into their future!


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