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Elegant Adventurer

Wedding Packages and Pricing

First off...Why me?
There are SO many photographers out there, all with amazing talent in their own unique way. Out of all of them, why pick me? 

I am personable, and I care SO much about my couples. YOU are the shining light on your day and I want you to know, and feel that. I promise to you that I try to go above and beyond for my couples, because without you, I don't get to use my creativity and I need that in my life. I need YOU in my life! I become close friends with most of my couples and I care about you long after you say "I do!" 

Something you -need- to know...

Every couple is unique, and not everyone needs the same coverage. the following packages are suggested packages; however, I am more than happy to help you design a package that will fit your needs! The best way to build your package, is to contact me with your budget and needs. >>







Classy Voyage Package $1750

Enjoy the fun of having a photographer to cover the essentials. With Engagements, Formals/Bridals, 4 hours of wedding day coverage, you'll be able to have the basics covered.

Elegant Adventure Package $2300

Relax and know you will have the small and big details documented. With Engagements, Formals/Bridals, 6 hours of wedding day coverage you'll be able to have time for all the basics and more important details on your wedding day.


Timeless Journey Package $2800

It's called the "Timeless Journey" because every moment will be documented on your big day. With your Engagements, Formals/Bridals, 8 hours of wedding day coverage, every moment will be stopped in time so that you can relive your day, over and over for your whole life. 

Elopement Package $1200 + travel

Eloping, yes please! Elopements are so elegant and so adventurous! you are covered for 4 hours of epic and elegant photos in this package.
(Certain qualifications must be met to be considered an elopement contact me for more info)

Travel Is always welcome, and travel fees differ depending on location. Please contact me for more information.
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