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Making Moments Posing Crash Course

Hey there! I'm so excited you decided to choose me to photograph your big day, and I cannot wait for it! My posing guide is a quick education to help you feel as comfortable in front of the camera as possible. (If it helps, you can practice some of these in front of the mirror or when you get together with your fiance.) I also found myself explaining some of these things to each couple and with the time it took to explain all of it, the less images we were able to get. You're time is so valuable to me and so is your experience. So please take a look below, and if you have any questions, please ask. 


When we kiss our significant other, we tend to turn our head. Don't worry, everybody kisses this way, and it doesn't look bad any day of the week. Crazy enough, there is such a thing as the "picture perfect kiss" though.  With a natural kiss, we see the top of the one's head and the neck of the other, or the back of one's head and a small portion of the other. If you kiss with your noses side by side, we get to see both faces! (See below)


Natural Kiss


Picture Perfect Kiss




When in doubt, hand in the pocket, thumb out! If I don't give direction as to where I want your hand that is closes to me, go ahead and put your hand in your pants pocket, with your thumb out. Spread the word to your groomsmen and brothers and father!

Always remember, pop the hip, and bend the leg! Pop your hips away from me, and bend the leg that is closest to me. By doing so, you create movement, and the curves become more flattering. Sometimes I will ask you to drop your shoulder; this is the shoulder closest to me, and it's only a natural drop. Rule of thumb, bouquet goes at the waist, but I will sometimes ask you to put it down to your side


Most of the time, the grooms hands will be around the waist area of his bride. Most of the time, I'll want you to get your bodies as close as you can together, with still feeling natural and comfortable. This is often a position I will eventually do a nose nuzzle with. 


Nose nuzzle is pretty self explanatory, but here are a couple tips to help. when you're both looking away, sync your breathing, forget I'm there. Concentrate on each other and breathe as one. Smell their hair, (haha guys, fair warning, the girls hair is going to smell like hairspray most of the time) If you want to make them laugh, whisper to them what their hair smells like in your favorite character voice. Draw a shape on their cheek. These little things will help you with the "perfect" nose nuzzle. {THIS ONE IS A FREQUENT OCCURANCE}


I love back to chest. There is so much variety in the ways to do this. Bride behind groom, groom behind bride, just know if I saw back to chest, it'll usually be in some way similar to these. Sometimes I will have the man run up behind his bride, pick her up and swing her (gently) from side to side, and then have him put her down and an image like the one below on the right happens. 


So I have to say this isn't literally what I mean to do. Every couple is different and there may be a height difference. I don't mean to literally put your belly button on his hip bone. It more so means, he girl is slightly turned in toward the man, and is often referred to as the "prom pose" or "grandma's fridge pose". Brides, please remember to bend that front leg and pop your hip away. 


Most of these will be walking, or walking and then stop to pose. I love the variety we can get in these walking shots. Something to please remember, as you are walking together, try not to be camera aware. If you're walking, look at each other, look at the floor. Also, walk "slower" and beware of where you are walking especially in nature. The man on the lava below, almost fell off into a ditch that I couldn't see from where I was standing. I promise I'll never intentionally put you into a situation like that!


Don't worry about getting things "perfect"

I'll still be there to guide you. I'll give you different directions. More than anything, do what feels most natural to you. feel the connection, and your love, and it will radiate through your images. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!! Pictures are not meant to be stressful, so be yourselves!

I really cannot wait for your Wedding Day!

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