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About Us

I'm sure you've seen this on other wedding vendors pages, but...

LOVE weddings. They are all unique and it's incredible how each love story is different, just like each couple is different. That's one of the reasons I have been a wedding photographer for 7 years now! In 2019 I stepped back from Making Moments Photography, to work as an associate for another amazing photographer. We all know what happened in 2020, but to add to everything 2020 was, I had my amazing, rainbow baby right before the country shut down that March. Honestly, working as an associate made sense for me; new baby, pandemic, many, many changes happened the year of 2020 for everyone! Working for someone else completely made sense, up until the end of 2021 that is. When my amazing friend and mentor, Kristi, wanted to step back from weddings, I told her that I loved weddings too much to give them up, so here I am, back at it with Making Moments Photo, and loving every minute of it!


Some things you should probably know about me...

I like to be fun, quirky, and professional all at the same time. I will dance in the winter during group photos to keep us all smiling, (feel free join in with me to stay warm!) I'll stand in the coldest water to get the perfect shot, and I'll also climb mountains to the most incredible locations for any photo.

I love to glamp (as my husband puts it, tent camping with kids can be a beast). I love to dress up when the time calls for it. 


These are my kind of people, hence the motto,

"Wedding Photography for the Elegant Adventurers"

Something else you should know... I'm not just a "show up, take pictures, and leave" kind of photographer, I want to help ease the stress of wedding planning, get to know you, and become friends. I'm all about the beautiful pictures, AND the experience! In the past, I've helped set up chairs, break down receptions if I can help, I'll always give you my point of view to get the best photos of your day if you want it, because, after all, these will be the memories you'll look back on in the years to come!

It's all about the experience


This is where the "Us" comes in...

I'm a mom of 2 babies on this earth, and 2 angels in heaven, I've been married 9 years, and everyone in my family supports me one hundred percent! I love my blood family, and while you and I may not be blood, I hope you'll become part of my business family...which are kind of the same thing!

I am a Photographer; some people often ask if I do Videography and someday, I certainly hope to. In the meantime, I work alongside a couple of incredibly talented videographers. While I may not have an official team member that is my sole videographer, I can tell you, the ones I do work with, even if they aren't on my list, all become friends before your wedding day is even here.

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